Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum Announces Extension of Campus

The Milwaukee Art Museum has announced that it has acquired O’Donnell Park, its parking garage, and connected pavilion, in addition to other formerly city-owned structures the museum utilizes, such as its Kahler building and a portion of the of the Eero Saarinen–designed War Memorial Center. These acquisitions will take $28.8 million worth of financial obligations away from the County of Milwaukee. The museum has already hired a facilities manager to oversee the extra upkeep for these properties.

“This transaction truly allows the Museum to control its destiny,” said Marcelle Polednik, the museum’s Donna and Donald Baumgartner director. “Immediately, we’re able to ensure that our campus is maintained, accessible to the public, and remains directly connected to downtown. With this strategic acquisition, we also open up possibilities for the future, envisioning how we can facilitate more activities, programs, and opportunities for inspiring community engagement.”