The Baolong Art Museum in Shanghai. Photo: Baolong Art Museum.

Museum Dedicated to Chinese Ink Works Opens in Shanghai

The Baolong Art Museum, a private arts institution dedicated to Chinese ink works from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, has opened in Qibao, a town in the Minhang district of Shanghai. According to the Art Newspaper, the nearly 250,000-square-foot museum was spearheaded by collector Xu Jiankang and his Baolong Group, who together will oversee the institution until its twenty-year lease expires.

Among the works in the museum’s collection are pieces by Guan Liang, Zhu Qizhan, Feng Zikai, and Zhang Daqian, as well as twelve landscape panels from Qi Baishi’s series “Zhichitianya Landscape Album,” 1931 that the Baolong Group purchased for about $30 million in 2016. Inaugurating the arts space is an exhibition titled “Tracing the Past and Shaping the Future,” featuring three hundred works by eighty artists.

Operating under the English name of Powerlong, the institution is part of a development project that also includes a mall and luxury hotel, as well as a commercial art gallery and auction house. Xu Jiankang’s business is currently planning to build additional art centers in the cities of Hangzhou and Xiamen.