Geoffrey Farmer, A Pale Fire Freedom Machine, 2005, mixed media, dimensions variable.

National Gallery of Canada Receives Historic Gift of Nearly $9 Million in Art

The Art Newspaper’s Hadani Ditmars reports that art collector and real estate mogul Bob Rennie has gifted the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa $8.7 million worth of art to celebrate the country turning 150 this year. Among the artists represented in the gift, many of whom live and work in Vancouver, are Rodney Graham, Brian Jungen, Ian Wallace, and Geoffrey Farmer. Rennie is also giving the museum an important work by Doris Salcedo: Tenebrae, Noviembre 7, 1985, 1999–2000, a piece based on a fire at the Palace of Justice in Bogotá, which took the lives of one hundred people.

“Bob is one of the most sophisticated collectors in the contemporary art world. We are grateful that he is thinking of us and the whole country through this remarkable gift that will allow us to be custodians of these wonderful works and make them available for Canadians to study, share, and enjoy, ” said Marc Mayer, the museum’s director. A gallery in the museum will be named in honor of Rennie for his donation.

The collection will allow the museum to organize retrospectives for artists such as Jungen and Wallace. Pieces by Damien Moppet, who is also represented in the gift, will be shown alongside the work of the artist’s father, Ron Moppet, at the museum in May.