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New Brooklyn Gallery Aims to Combat Gentrification

Housing gallery is moving into 424 Gates Avenue in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, American Medium gallery’s old space, reports Nate Freeman of Artnews. According to creative director Eileen Isagon Skyers and owner K.J. Freeman, Housing will support artists of color. Featuring Winslow Laroche and Brandon Holmes, its first show will open on September 22.

“When the idea for Housing was proposed, it seemed the most appropriate way for us to transition out of Bed-Stuy,” Josh Pavlacky, one of American Medium’s cofounders said in an email to Artnews. “We are happy to see a dedicated POC gallery and we support whatever language and mission they deem appropriate to best utilize the gallery and garden space.”

While American Medium relocates to Chelsea this fall, Skyers said that Housing will “de-gentrify” its former home by advancing the careers of artists of color and promoting inclusivity. The new gallery will sublet the storefront space from American Medium until the lease is up. Housing has also launched an IndieGoGo campaign in order to raise money for operations. While Housing seeks public support in order to secure its financial footing, it is also requesting that new visitors to Bed-Stuy support the area’s local businesses. The gallery’s website reads: “We kindly ask that you engage with the history and background of the community and its inhabitants, which have witnessed significant shifts and displacement as a result of renovations, new developments and, consequently, inflated pricing.”