Sam Durant’s proposal, Untitled (drone), 2016.

New High Line Plinth Project Announces Shortlist for First Two Commissions

Victoria Stapley-Brown of the Art Newspaper writes that a shortlist has been announced for the High Line Plinth commission, a public art project for New York’s High Line that will be located on the Spur, a new segment of the park being built above Tenth Avenue and Thirtieth Street, which is scheduled to open sometime next year. “The High Line Plinth will provide artists with an opportunity to work on a larger scale than ever before possible on the High Line, and to engage with the breathtaking vistas that open up around this new site,” said Cecilia Alemani, director and chief curator for High Line Art.

A dozen artists from eight countries—who range in age from thirty-two to seventy-two—have been shortlisted for the first two plinth commissions: Simone Leigh, Haim Steinbach, Minerva Cuevas, Jeremy Deller, Jonathan Berger, Sam Durant, Charles Gaines, Cosima von Bonin, Lena Henke, Matthew Day Jackson, Roman Ondak, and Paola Pivi. Maquettes for their proposals will be on display, from February 9 through April 30, at West Fourteenth Street on the High Line.

A representative from the High Line Art said, “The public will be able to submit their commentary onsite and also online, which will be taken into account when Friends of the High Line chooses the final two proposals which will be commissioned as the inaugural works.” The pieces will be chosen this spring and exhibited in consecutive eighteen-month periods when the Spur opens.