Arthena founder Madelaine D’Angelo

New Startup Tries to Create Mutual Fund Based on Art Collections

A new startup, Arthena, which recently raised over one million dollars in seed funding, plans to allow investors to buy into individual art collections, each curated by an expert. The collections range from “Emerging European” to “New York Artists Post-1950,” reports Business Insider’s Nathan McAlone.

With a minimum investment of ten thousand dollars, these “collectors” can putatively watch their capital go up as the value of each collection ascends as well. The fund’s founders also “plan to create a gallery attached to the Athena offices in SoHo, with a rotating display of works,” notes McAlone.

“You can think about it like a mutual fund for art,” said the enterprise's founder, Madelaine D’Angelo—which begs the question: Are stocks and bonds for artworks coming next?