3-D printed models for Siah Armajani’s Seven Rooms of Hospitality, 2016-2017. Photo: Larry Marcus.

New York’s Armory Show Announces Artists Participating in 2019 Edition of Platform

The Armory Show announced today the artists and galleries participating in Platform, a curated section of the fair that stages large-scale artworks and installations across Piers 92 and 94. Titled “Worlds of Tomorrow,” the 2019 edition of Platform is curated by Sally Tallant, the recently appointed executive director of the Queens Museum, and will feature works by Andreas Angelidakis, Siah Armajani, Tania Candiani, Ryan Gander, Iris Häussler, Xaviera Simmons, Jessica Stockholder, Super Taus, and Pascale Marthine Tayou.

“Worlds of Tomorrow,” which takes the 1939 New York World’s Fair as a point of departure, will present nine site-responsive projects, seven of which have been made specifically for the Armory Show. Among the works are Tayou’s Plastic Bags, 2019, which takes ubiquitous objects and uses them to create an installation and commentary on consumerism and globalism; Armajani’s 3-D-printed Seven Rooms of Hospitality, 2016–17, which responds to the contemporary migrant crisis by re-creating spaces occupied by refugees, deportees, and exiles; and Angelidakis’s Donation Drive, 2019, a performative donation drive for public schools in need.

“It is through art that we express our hopes and fears, and articulate alternatives and new possible worlds,” Tallant said. “Artists often speak out for the rights of people on the margins of society and now that we are facing a shift in how those people and margins are defined, we need artists to continue to be brave.”

The Armory Show will run from March 7 to March 10, 2019.