Envoy Enterprises. Photo: Google Maps

New York’s Envoy Enterprises to Close in August

Jimi Dams of Envoy Enterprises on the Lower East Side announced that the gallery will close its doors on August 4 after being open for more than a decade, Artnews reports. Located at Eighty-Seven Rivington Street, the gallery will stage a final exhibition titled “So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu.” The show will feature a number of artists who have exhibited at the space over the years.

In a letter addressed to the gallery’s friends, Dams said that his reason for closing “is simple. . . .It is not fun anymore.” The gallerist continued to bash the art world’s growing emphasis on fairs “where eyes have been replaced by dollar signs” and “an eagerness to experience and learn replaced by hiring personal shoppers.”

Dams concludes his tirade by reflecting on the potential the arts have to make a difference: “We should be improving people’s lives through art, we should be trying to create a world where art is living on every level, indivisible from life and for everyone to experience.”