“David Herbert: Quarantine the Past,” on view at Postmasters Gallery until May 12, 2018.

New York’s Postmasters Gallery Turns to Crowdfunding Platform for Financial Support

Magdalena Sawon, the cofounder of New York’s Postmasters Gallery, is asking the public to support the space via Patreon, a membership platform, which according to its website, “makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid.”

“We believe Postmasters—with its thirty-three years of uncompromising programming—has a lot more to contribute. To continue our program in today’s hyper-market-dominated cultural climate, we need a new model—a radical hybrid combining the strength of the market with the support of the community,” wrote Sawon in her message. “If you think that strong culture emerges from a diversity of curious voices, not just the branded and instantly consumable ones, join us. If you think artists deserve championing, representation, and support to grow and challenge our culture, join us. If you have collected works from artists we’ve shown, or you’re just glad to know they’re out there, join us.”

Among Patreon’s other clients are the Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern; Red Letter Media, a creator of internet content; and Democracy at Work, a nonprofit political organization.