Printed Matter’s interior.

New York’s Printed Matter to Open Second Store in Swiss Institute

According to Andrew Russeth of Artnews, Printed Matter—New York’s famous nonprofit shop for artists’ books, zines, and one-of-a-kind ephemera, located at 231 Eleventh Avenue in Manhattan—will be opening up a second branch inside the new Swiss Institute. The outpost will be located at Thirty-Eight St. Mark’s Place, at the corner of Second Avenue, also in Manhattan.

The collaboration “presents an amazing opportunity to bring the creative, experimental, and critical work being done in the field of artists’ publications to a broader audience, which is at the heart of Printed Matter’s mission,” said Max Schumann, the executive director of Printed Matter.

The new store, which is being called Printed Matter / St. Mark’s, will open to the public on June 21.