Winners of the 2020 Rabkin Prize for Arts Writers. Photo: Rabkin Foundation.

Nine Arts Writers Awarded $50,000 Rabkin Prize

The fourth annual Rabkin Prize for Arts Writers, which recognizes outstanding contributions by art critics who inform the public through their writing on contemporary art, have been awarded to nine writers: Mary Abbe, Jerry Cullum, Neil Fauerso, Amanda Fortini, Sam Lefebvre, Steve Litt, Erin Nelson, Seph Rodney, and Elisa Turner. Each honoree will receive $50,000.

“In this unprecedented and tragic time, the foundation released funding immediately and chose to forego the celebrations and formalities that made this moment so enjoyable and memorable in recent years,” said the Rabkin Foundation. “We are committed to the support of visual art journalists who, with artists, are the backbone of the art community in every part of the country.”

Based in Portland, Maine, the foundation was established by Dorothea and Leo Rabkin in 1999 in honor of Leo, who was a New York–based artist and art collector. It announced Christopher Knight as the second recipient of its Lifetime Achievement Award in February—the inaugural honor was awarded to art critic Roberta Smith of the New York Times last year.