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Nora Khan and Christiane Paul Given Thoma Foundation’s Arts Writing Awards in Digital Art

Alex Greenberger of Artnews has written that Nora Khan and Christiane Paul have been given the Thoma Foundation’s awards for art writing in digital art.

Khan, an emerging digital-arts writer and contributing editor at Rhizome, has been given $20,000; $5000 of which is a grant that will go towards a new project.

Paul, an associate dean and associate professor at the New School’s media studies department, as well as an adjunct curator of new media arts at the Whitney—whose new book, A Companion to Digital Art, is being released this week—has been given a $40,000 award; $10,000 of which is a grant that will go towards a new project.

Omar Kholeif, one of the members of the Thoma Foundation’s awards committee, in addition to being the Manilow senior curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, said “Their diverse practices as authors on digital art and culture complement each other beautifully; together they suggest a speculative future history for our joint field of practice—one that is inclusive and historically rigorous and generous to the community of digital art and art history more broadly speaking.”