Myntgata 2, the home of the inaugural Oslo Biennial, located in the heart of the city.

Oslo Reveals Location of Inaugural Biennial

Oslo’s Agency for Cultural Affairs announced today the location of the inaugural edition of the Oslo Biennial, which will open in May 2019. It will be housed at Myntgata 2, a nearly 38,000-square-foot building in the city’s historical center. Visitors will be able to see the space during preview hours on June 22.

The building will serve as the exhibition’s headquarters. It will include a visitor center, administrative offices, and spaces for public events, as well as sixty studios that will be made available to Oslo-based artists and participants in the biennial’s visiting artist program.

“The presence of artists and related milieus, and the exchange of ideas and knowledge are essential elements that construct the specific cultural and intellectual identity of a city,” vice mayor for culture, sport, and volunteering Rina Mariann Hansen said. “The ideation that underpins art production—as stated by the concept of the Biennial’s first edition—needs to occupy a free, open space. The city must therefore provide spaces and settings for artistic ideation and development, by providing a unique art environment in the heart of Oslo.”

More information regarding the biennial—which will be curated by Eva González-Sancho and Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk, the curatorial team behind the two-year research-based project OSLO PILOT that laid the groundwork for the exhibition—will be announced in the coming months.