A booth at the 2018 edition of the Outsider Art Fair.

Outsider Art Fair Cancels Inaugural Basel Edition

Sarah Cascone of Artnet writes that the Outsider Art Fair is canceling its inaugural Basel edition, which was set to open in June. Andrew Edlin, the fair’s organizer, said: “Even though we have great reach, we are still a modest-sized company that needs to be mindful of the size and speed of its growth. There were a lot of hurdles for the fair and our dealers to pull off an exhibit in Switzerland, perhaps a bit more than anticipated.”

The fair, which is dedicated to the work of self-taught artists, was founded in 1993 and purchased by Edlin in 2012. An edition of the OAF opened in Paris in 2013. In 2014, Edlin tried out installing the fair during Frieze Art Fair (the OAF is usually scheduled during January for New York Winter Antiques Week).

“We decided we were better off consolidating the considerable gains we’ve made in Paris over the last five years, rather than spreading ourselves too thin right now,” Edlin continued. “I assure you that no exhibitors were out any fees or dollars as a result of our backing out of Basel.”