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Pace Gallery. Photo: Pace.
Pace Gallery. Photo: Pace.

Pace Launches Internal Investigation Following Workplace Abuse Allegations

Just days after Pace Gallery on Friday announced that it had begun a legal investigation of Douglas Baxter and Susan Dunne, two of its top dealers, according to Artnet News, Baxter, a president of the company, announced that he is taking a leave of absence from the company, citing unaddressed “anger management issues.” The news comes on the heels of an article published last Thursday on the same platform, limning allegations by current and former Pace employees that the pair had fostered a “toxic” workplace environment that had gone unaddressed for two decades, despite numerous complaints.

“I want everyone to rest assured that we take these allegations seriously and that we are acting to protect our employees and the culture of our gallery,” CEO Marc Glimcher wrote to employees on Friday in an email. “Since these accusations came to light, Arne [Glimcher, the gallery’s founder and Marc’s father] and I have talked to and met with a number of advisors and we launched an independent legal investigation into these allegations, which is being conducted by outside counsel.”

No further details are yet available regarding the length and scope of the investigation; Glimcher noted that Baxter and Dunne were cooperating with the investigation, and each would work from home during its course. In announcing his step away from the gallery, Baxter wrote in a letter to Pace staffers: “I am aware that I have behaved in ways that created distress and hurt people around me.” Regarding his anger management issues, he noted, “I’ve made attempts to address them in the past, the time has come for me to really deal with it.”

In closing Friday’s email to employees, Glimcher was unequivocal about Pace’s stance on workplace abuse. “We are facing our past mistakes, our contradictions and our shortcomings with a true desire to be the best community and business that we can be. Pace Gallery stands firmly against verbal and physical abuse. We will not tolerate a toxic work environment.”