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Paris’s Maison Rouge to Close in 2018

Paris’s La Maison Rouge, a private contemporary art foundation founded by French collector Antoine de Galbert, will permanently close its doors at the end of next year. Since 2004, the 14,000 square foot exhibition space located near the Bastille monument has hosted shows dedicated to artists ranging from Anthony McCall to Henry Darger. Reporting on the imminent closure, Le Monde referred to La Maison Rouge as, “one of the hottest spots for contemporary art in Paris.”

In a statement signed by Galbert, he explained that his decision to close the institution came down to a “lack of long-term sustainability...the feeling that I could not do better in the years to come than what we’ve done in the past, and the risk of ‘settling.’” The statement continued, “When I opened the Maison Rouge I realized very quickly that one day it would come to an end, and I prefer that this happen when the institution is still in top form.”

The foundation will host seven more exhibitions before its closure. Next up is a thematic show titled “The French Spirit, Countercultures 1969–1989.” Also on the horizon, a monograph of Parisian multi-media artist Hélène Delprat (for which an accompanying exhibition will open next fall) and “Black Dolls,” a presentation of American collector Deborah J. Neff’s antique cloth dolls depicting African-Americans, slated to open in February 2018.