Paris Thunderstorms Damage Several Louvre Masterpieces

Due to severe storms in Paris last week, several masterpieces in the Louvre’s collection have been damaged, reports Connexion France. Two of the pieces in Nicolas Poussin’s series “Four Seasons,” 1594–1665, showed water damage, as did Jean-François de Troy’s work The Triumph of Mordecai, 1736. Artworks by seventeenth-century artists Georges de La Tour and Eustache Le Sueur have been removed from exhibition as a precaution and will be examined by conservators.

According to a museum statement, “water seeped into the mezzanine of the Denon wing (the Islamic Art and Eastern Mediterranean areas), the first floor of the Sully wing (Salle des Sept-Cheminées, Henri IV staircase) and the second floor of the Cour Carrée (certain French painting galleries).”

Several Metro stations were also flooded during the weekend’s thunderstorms, which resulted in the city’s heaviest July rainfall since recording began in 1880.