Park Avenue Armory Receives $65 Million for Endowment

The Park Avenue Armory has been on a roll lately: Just after appointing a new artistic director last month, it has now announced that it will receive sixty-five million dollars to kick-start a programming endowment. The benefactors behind this gift? The Thompson Family Foundation, which, with this new donation, will have given a total of nearly $129 million to the Armory.

In honor of Wade Thompson and his family, the spaces within the Armory building dedicated to its arts programming will be named the Thompson Arts Center at Park Avenue Armory. That name’ll last for a period of fifty years at the family’s request.

Thompson—an executive and founder of Thor who revamped the Airstream trailer—first began donating to the Armory because he lived across the street, saw its deteriorating condition, and became interested in saving it. He “passionately believed that the Armory should be rescued as one of the country’s most important landmarks,” said his widow, Angela Thompson.