Hórama Rama by Pedro & Juana, the winner of the 2019 Young Architects Program.

Pedro & Juana Selected for MoMA PS1’s 2019 Young Architects Program

MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, New York, announced today the winner of its 2019 Young Architects Program: Pedro & Juana, the Mexico City–based studio founded by Ana Paula Ruiz Galindo and Mecky Reuss.

Pedro & Juana’s architectural installation Hórama Rama, an immersive junglescape set within a large-scale cyclorama that will sit atop MoMA PS1’s courtyard walls, will open in June 2019 and will be on view throughout the summer. In addition to the nearly forty-foot-tall, ninety-foot-wide structure, it will feature hammocks that were crafted in the south of Mexico as well as a functioning waterfall. The work will serve as a temporary built environment for MoMA PS1’s outdoor music series Warm Up.

“Finding inspiration in historical panoramas, Pedro & Juana have designed a structure that will allow visitors to immerse themselves in a fantastical wilderness, a visual refuge from the city,” MoMA PS1 chief curator Peter Eleey said. “By juxtaposing two landscapes in transition—the jungle and the Long Island City skyline—they draw attention to the evolving conditions of our environment, both globally and locally, at a crucial moment.”

This year’s finalists included Low Design Office (DK Osseo-Asare and Ryan Bollom), Oana Stănescu & Akane Moriyama, Matter Design (Brandon Clifford, Johanna Lobdell, and Wes Mcgee), and TO (Jose G. Amozurrutia and Carlos Facio). An exhibition of the proposed projects will be on view at MoMA PS1 this summer.