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Pierre Huyghe Wins the 2017 Nasher Prize

The Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas announced today that the winner of the $100,000 Nasher Prize is French artist Pierre Huyghe.

The Nasher Prize jury, made up of a selection of international artists, art historians, curators, and museum directors—such as artist Phyllida Barlow; Lynne Cooke, senior curator at the National Gallery of Art; Steven A. Nash, founding director of the Nasher Sculpture Center; and Nicholas Serota, chair of the Arts Council England—selected Huyghe because he “has profoundly expanded the parameters of sculpture through artworks encompassing a variety of materials and disciplines.”

The Nasher Sculpture Center’s director, Jeremy Strick, said, “We are so delighted by the choice of Pierre Huyghe as our 2017 Nasher Prize laureate. His expansive view of sculpture so wonderfully embodies the goal of the Nasher Prize, which is to champion the greatest artistic minds of our time. His incorporation of living systems, films, situations, and objects into his sculpture highlights the complexities between art and life and challenges the very limits of artmaking. And at this moment, when the environment and culture are so under threat, Huyghe’s imaginative, uncanny approach to the serious ecological and social issues facing our planet tie his oeuvre to the ancient purposes of sculpture: they possess a shamanistic quality which tips the mimetic into life.”

In reviewing the artist’s major retrospective at the Centre Pompidou three years ago, Nicolas Bourriaud suggested in Artforum’s January 2014 issue that every celebration, for Huyghe, was “also an alienation: a kind of Lacanian working-through, an experience of ritual that is simultaneously an experience of trauma—and a reflection on that trauma, a recognition of the impossibility of ever reliving the same moment again.” Huyghe will be presented with an award created by Renzo Piano, who also designed the Nasher Sculpture Center, at a ceremony in Dallas on April 1, 2017.