Pinchuk Art Center’s Deputy Artistic Director to Lead New Azerbaijani Art Space

Bjorn Geldhof, the deputy artistic director of the Pinchuk Art Center in Kiev has been appointed as the artistic and strategic director of Yarat Contemporary Art Space, a nonprofit institution based in Baku, Azerbaijan, according to the Art Newspaper’s Gareth Harris. “Geldhof has been part of the Pinchuk Art Center team for almost six years. He will combine both positions in Baku and Kiev until the end of 2015. He remains responsible for the exhibition and educational programmes at the Pinchuk Art Center,” said a spokesperson for Pinchuk.

Geldhof was responsible for organizing this year’s Ukrainian pavilion at the Venice Biennale. He helped build the Future Generation Art Prize, first offered by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in 2009.

Yarat opened this spring in a Soviet-era naval building, backed by Aida Mahmudova, the niece of the republic’s first lady. Not to be left out of this year’s Venice Biennale, it staged a collateral show entitled “The Union of Fire and Water” at the Palazzo Barbaro.