Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Pioneer Works Announces 2019 Art and Music Residency Participants

Pioneer Works, the Red Hook–based arts nonprofit and cultural center, has named its participating 2019 artist residents in the fields of visual art and music. This year, the organization is also evaluating their Tech Residency program, which previously followed an invite-only application process, through an open call.

“We wanted a little more diversity in the level at which artists are entering the program,” Tommy Martinez, technology director at Pioneer Works, told Artnews. “The invitation process has allowed us to work with more established artists, people that are showing institutionally and in galleries, but we wanted to open it up to people who are emerging and not necessarily getting the same type of attention.”

Previous participants in the tech program include Stephanie Dinkins, Martine Syms, Morehshin Allahyari, and Jacolby Satterwhite; this year’s tech residents will be announced on March 1.

Visual Arts Residency
Lorena Barrera Enciso
Maia Chao
Avram Finkelstein
Jess Johnson
Jenny Perlin
LJ Roberts
Alexandria Smith
Kenneth Tam
Ezra Wube

Music Residents
Lea Bertucci
MV Carbon
Ziemba & G. Lucas Crane with Decoder 2017
Naeem Juwan
Yumi Kurosawa
Luisa Muhr/Women Between Arts
Quenton Stuckey