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Public Petitions Against New Berlin Museum’s Design

A recently created public initiative has launched a petition against Berlin’s prospective Museum of the 20th Century (M20) due to its controversial design, reports Monopol. In the petition, the new organization, #forumskultur: kulturforum, calls for a public discussion over the future and design of the museum.

Addressed to minister of culture Monika Grütters, the Foundation of Prussian Cultural Heritage, and Senate building director Regula Lüscher, the petition was spearheaded by Kristin Feireiss, cofounder of the architectural forum Aedes, and it currently has more than five hundred signatories including architects, city planners, artists, and publicists.

#forumskultur: kulturforum criticizes the financing for the new building, claiming that the current budget of $218 million is unrealistic. The group is demanding a more transparent financial plan, for images and the specs of the new design to be made available, and for a public discussion to be held before construction commences.

In addition, the Future Foundation Berlin, a forum of citizens concerned with urban-planning, had asked for substantial changes to the new building—specifically proposing to reduce its size, or even completely change its design.

After the first design competition for M20 did not result in a winner, a second competition was held. Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron’s long and low barn-like design was selected as the winning proposal. The museum will be built in the Kulturforum, near Mies van der Rohe’s New National Gallery and the Hans Scharoun-designed Philharmonic, with a slated completion date of 2021.