Amedeo Modigliani, Head, ca. 1913, limestone, dimensions variable.

Rare Modigliani Sculpture Gifted to Kimbell Art Museum

Fort Worth’s Kimbell Art Museum has been gifted a rare Amedeo Modigliani sculpture—Head, ca. 1913—by Gwendolyn Weiner, the daughter of renowned local art collectors Ted and Lucile Weiner, writes Joshua Barone of the New York Times. Though the artist was a prodigious painter, he considered himself a sculptor, and less than thirty three-dimensional works by the artist are in existence today. Head is made from limestone that Modigliani likely sourced from a construction area in Paris.

New York’s Knoedler Gallery sold the sculpture to the Weiners in 1963. For the last twenty years, the piece has been on display at the Palm Springs Art Museum.