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Recipients of Russia’s 2017 Innovation Awards Announced

The honorees of Russia’s twelfth annual Innovation Prize were announced at an award ceremony that took place on Tuesday, May 30. Administered by Moscow’s National Center for Contemporary Arts, the major state-run art prize recognized artists and cultural figures working in seven categories.

Andrey Kuzkin received the Book of the Year award for his work The Right to Life (2016), which documents all of the actions and performances the artist carried out between 2006 and 2015; Vladimir Beresnev and Marina Pugin were selected for the Regional Project award for their visualization of an “alternative future” for Perm Art Gallery, which was forced to relocate numerous times; and Elena Kolovskaya, Alexander Manotskov, and Anastasia Tolstaya were recognized in the Educational Project category for organizing “Music for All,” which introduces the blind and visually impaired musicians to classical music.

Kirill Gluschenko won the prestigious New Generation prize for the exhibition “Beautiful Appearance of Our Everyday Life” (2016) held at a former factory building in Moscow. In addition, Leonid Tishkov, best known for his “Private Moon” series of photographs, took the Artist of the Year award for his exhibition “Look Homeward” (2016–2017) at the NCCA; Alexander Burenkov received the Curator of the Year award for his exhibition “Planned Obsolescence” (2016) at the Miltronic fitness club in Moscow; and “New Space Theater of Nations” received the Project of the Year award.

The jury comprised Marina Losha, Teresa Mavic, Alexander Borovsky, Caroline Bourgeois, and Vladimir Filippov.