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Reinstated Edvard Munch Art Award Given to Camille Henrot

After almost ten years, the Munch Museum announced at Art Basel Miami Beach on December 4 that its reestablished Edvard Munch Art Award winner for 2015 is French artist Camille Henrot. Chosen by an international jury, she will receive a monetary prize of nearly $59,000 and a solo exhibition at the museum. “I’m honored,” Henrot said in an interview with’s Lauren Cavalli. Henrot has yet to decide how she will approach the upcoming exhibition.

To receive the award an artist must demonstrate promising talent within the last five years of their career. It was during this time that Henrot moved to New York. “It created a lonely situation, but that made me more productive.” Besides getting better acquainted with the city, she was nominated for the 2014 Hugo Boss Prize and was the recipient of the 2014 Nam June Paik award and the 55th Venice Biennale’s Silver Lion. “It was very encouraging,” said Henrot of the Silver Lion. “It helped me believe more in what I was doing. It allowed more people to discover my work, including institutions and art critics, and it inspired me to do more ambitious projects.”

During her fellowship at the Smithson Institution in 2013, she tackled the research center’s massive archives to produce Grosse Fatigue, the video that won her the Silver Lion. The video’s rapid-fire presentation of images is paired with a hip-hop vocalist who raps about various cultures’ creation myths. The work is the epitome of Henrot’s diverse practice: a fusion of cultural representations, science, history, religion, literature, among so many other subjects, from which the artist draws upon to investigate our relationship to the world. Henrot described the making of the thirteen-minute work as exhausting. “There is always some dimension of challenge in the work that I do, which sometimes I regret because it is really difficult. But, I’m more interested in the experience of making work than the final object, and I would like to continue experimenting and challenging myself.”

An official award ceremony will take place on December 12 at the Munch Museum.