Rene Ricard (1946–2014)

Poet, painter, art critic, and Warhol superstar Rene Ricard has passed away, according to Kory Grow in Rolling Stone. After appearing in Andy Warhol’s films such as The Kitchen (1965) and Chelsea Girls (1966), Ricard later even played Warhol himself in Andy Warhol Story (1967), and then later drew attention for his role as a butler in Eric Mitchell's film, Underground USA (1980).

In the ‘70s, Ricard established himself as a poet whose work turned up in the Paris Review and Angel Hair, and also contributed articles to Artforum that helped catapult to fame artists including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Julian Schnabel, and Francesco Clemente. 1979 saw Ricard’s first anthology of poetry, René Ricard 1979–1980. That was followed by God With Revolver (1990), featuring Ricard's paintings of poems, and Love Poems (1999), which collected his poetry alongside illustrations by Robert Hawkins. An active artist as well, Ricard had turned to creating large-scale paintings featuring images and text in the years leading up to his death.