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Rhizome Wins $600,000 Grant from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Rhizome announced today that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded the group a two-year, $600,000 grant to fund the development of a platform that will archive the internet—dubbed Webrecorder. This grant is the largest Rhizome has ever received. The project will be led by Ilya Kreymer, who will join Rhizome as lead developer, in collaboration with Dragan Espenschied, the organization’s digital conservator. The Mellon Foundation support will also fund the hiring of a second software engineer, a design lead, and a project manager.

An early version of Webrecorder is available at The free service, built with open-source tools, allows users to archive web content via browsing and to instantly review that archived content and download their own copy of it. Rhizome’s artistic director Michael Connor said of the initiative: “The things we create and discover and share online—from embedded videos to social media profiles—are often lost, or become unrecognizable with the passage of time. Webrecorder, with its ability to capture and play back dynamic web content, and its emphasis on putting tools into users’ hands, is a major step towards addressing this, and improving digital social memory for all.”