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Richard Prince Disavows Ivanka Trump Work in Protest of the President-Elect

Artist Richard Prince announced that a work from his Instagram series depicting Ivanka Trump is “fake” and returned a $36,000 payment he received in 2014 for the piece in protest of President-elect Donald J. Trump, Randy Kennedy of the New York Times reports.

On January 11, the appropriation artist posted the image on Twitter of Ivanka getting her hair and makeup done for a photo shoot and wrote, “This is not my work. I did not make it. I denounce. This fake art.”

The artwork is part of a series for which Prince creates printed paintings of images he finds on Instagram. He often modifies the Instagram posts by adding a comment to the bottom of each image using the Instagram account name richardprince4. In 2014, Prince was approached by an art advisor who suggested that he add an image of Ivanka to his series. The artist said that he returned the money that the art advisor, whose name was not disclosed, paid for the piece. It is unclear whether Ivanka or someone else in the Trump family requested the work.

Prince said that he decided to disavow the work as a way to tell the Trump family that he does not want his works in their possession. “It was just an honest way for me to protest. It was a way of deciding what’s right and wrong. And what’s right is art and what’s wrong is not art. I decided the Trumps are not art.”

Joshua Holdeman, a former vice chairman at Sotheby’s, said that the work will most likely still be treated as a legitimate Prince piece and that his disavowal of it might even make it increase in value. Prince said that whether the painting’s market value is affected does not matter. His point was to publicly say, “I don’t want anything to do with your family.”