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Rockport Center for the Arts Severely Damaged by Hurricane Harvey

Located in the coastal city of Rockport, Texas, the Rockport Center for the Arts (RCA), suffered severe damage after Hurricane Harvey struck the region on Friday, August 25. According to, at least one person in Rockport is dead because of the storm and the extreme weather conditions are preventing emergency crews from reaching those in need.

RCA executive director Luis Purón released a statement that reads: “From images I have been provided and third-party accounts, it appears the building has sustained serious external damage. One image demonstrates that the front porch is completely gone and a roof structure in the front of the building that is exposed and thus compromised. It is entirely possible that additional damage to the roof exists, yet only an on-site inspection will reveal that. We are working on obtaining that information. The building is still standing as it has since 1983, a few feet from Aransas Bay. It remains unclear if all the sculptures in the sculpture garden collection survived the 130 mile-per-hour winds of Harvey’s category four direct impact to Rockport. We won’t know about internal damage until we are able to re-enter and inspect the building. The timeline for that is uncertain . . . Rockport has a strong and generous heart, great will, and unbridled determination. United, we can restore our community in a responsible way.”

Harvey made landfall as a category four hurricane around 9:45 AM on Friday over the northern end of San Jose Island between Port Aransas and Port O’Connor. By Saturday, Harvey was downgraded to a tropical storm. According to Glasstire, due to the lack of electricity, cell service, water, and sewage, the mayor of Rockport is urging citizens not to return to the small town. He estimates that it will be two or three weeks before residents can safely return.

In the wake of the damage caused by the hurricane, members of the Texas art community have been compiling a list of resources to help affected artists. The Houston-based organization Fresh Arts has created a list of emergency resources for artists in a Google spreadsheet that can be found here.

The Texas Commission on the Arts recently released the following statement: “We are working with the National Endowment for the Arts to assess the impact of Hurricane Harvey on the arts field in Texas. If your arts organization has been impacted by Harvey and/or subsequent flooding, please email TCA deputy director Jim Bob McMillan. We understand that you may not yet know the extent of the damages you have sustained (or, in some cases, will sustain), but please check in with your organization name; your name, title, and contact information; and any information you have so far about your organization’s impacted property. If you are aware of other arts organizations affected by Harvey, please let us know and we’ll follow up with them. Professional artists, we’d like to hear from you, too.”