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Roman Mazurenko (1982–2015)

Roman Mazurenko, a young editor and cultural entrepreneur perhaps best known for serving as editor-in-chief of LAM (Look At Me) magazine, died over the weekend in Moscow. Born in Minsk in 1982, he studied in Dublin before moving to Moscow in 2006, where he started LAM Magazine before launching a Russian version of the British magazine Dazed & Confused. As one of three figures behind the creative think tank Idle Conversation, Mazurenko was instrumental in developing Moscow's cultural scene, from programming the music festival Afisha Picnic to throwing pop-up parties mixing international DJs and musicians like Mark Ronson with Russian talents like TARAS and Tesla Boy.

In 2009, he served as the director of special projects for the Rem Koolhaas-fronted Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture, and Design and collaborated on Strelka’s presentation at the 2010 Venice Biennale of Architecture. In 2012, Mazurenko received a grant from Start Fellows, a program funded by Digital Sky's Yuri Milner and VKontake's Pavel Durov, to continue his work with digital media. From this he developed Stampsy, a tool for enhancing the qualities and capabilities of DIY online publishing. Mazurenko and his team relocated to the Bay Area earlier this year and released the beta version of Stampsy.