James Little, Study for Surrogate, 2002. Courtesy: the Saint Louis Art Museum, The Thelma and Bert Ollie Memorial Collection.

Saint Louis Art Museum Receives Gift of Eighty-One Works by African American Artists

The Saint Louis Art Museum has received a gift of eighty-one works by African American artists, as well as related resources including books and research materials from New Jersey-based collectors Ronald Maurice Ollie and Monique McRipley Ollie.

“My wife and I share the Saint Louis Art Museum’s commitment of advancing knowledge while introducing art to people of all ages and backgrounds,” said Ronald Ollie. “The museum’s collection helped ignite my passion—we are delighted to know works we have stewarded might do the same for future generations.”

The donation includes paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, and sculptures by artists such as Terry Adkins, Benny Andrews, Sam Gilliam, James Little, Al Loving, Jack Whitten, and Stanley Whitney.