The San Antonio Museum of Art.

San Antonio Museum of Art Welcomes Four New Trustees

The San Antonio Museum of Art has elected four new trustees: Rebecca Cedillo, Kathleen Finck, Aleyda Kniestedt, and Jennifer Lee. All four trustees are of Hispanic heritage and have connections to the city’s philanthropic and nonprofit communities. In addition, the museum announced the appointment of four new officers. Edward A. Hart has been named the new board chair; Christian Herff and Lamont Jefferson will serve as co-vice chairs; and Roxana M. Richardson will be the new secretary.

“I am thrilled to welcome Rebecca, Kathleen, Aleyda, and Jennifer to our board,” said Marie Halff, the outgoing board chair. “They bring welcome points of view to the support of the museum and ultimately give us a broader view of the community we serve. That, in turn, will help us to continue bringing more visitors to the museum for enlivening experiences with original works of art from our city, the region, and around the world.” The new trustees will start their three-year terms on October 1.