Wayne Thiebaud’s painting For Nan: Cake, Pie Slice and Olives,1997, one of the works that will be displayed at the McEvoy Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco. Photo: VAGA, New York

SFMoMA Trustee to Open Arts Space in San Francisco

Collector Nion McEvoy, the chief executive of Chronicle Books and an SFMoMA trustee, has announced that he is working on opening a nonprofit arts space, allowing him to share with the public photographs and other artworks from his collection, Jori Finkel of the New York Times reports.

“I live in a modest home, and I’d say 85 percent of my works are in storage,” said McEvoy. “So this is a great opportunity to take some art out for public view and also work with other members of the creative community.” McEvoy added that he also wants to host public talks, performances, and other events at the new venue.

The McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, a roughly 5,000-square-foot exhibition space, will open in the Minnesota Street Project Gallery complex on October 28. Inaugurating the space is “La Mère la Mer” (The Mother, the Sea), a group show curated by McEvoy’s art consultant Kevin Moore. It will feature works that were acquired by McEvoy’s mother, the philanthropist Nan Tucker McEvoy, alongside his own collection, including three works by American painter Wayne Thiebaud, who was a friend of Nan; paintings by Richard Diebenkorn, David Hockney, and Joan Brown; and photographs by Roe Ethridge and Thomas Ruff.