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Shanghai Biennale Announces Theme and Curators for 2016

The 2016 Shanghai Biennale will be organized by Raqs Media Collective, the artist/activist/curatorial group based in Delhi. This year’s theme, “Why Not Ask Again?,” will “delve into science fiction and the questions behind questions,” reports Lisa Movius of the Art Newspaper.

The members of Raqs—Monica Narula, Shuddhabrata Sengupta, and Jeebesh Bagchi—were inspired by “The Three Body Problem,” series of speculative fiction books, written by Chinese author Liu Cixin. They are based on the notion in physics that, in space, two bodies will react to one another with foreseeable results, while adding a third creates uncertainty. According to Bagchi, “Science fiction, philosophy, and the three body problem produce interesting questions, about viewing the self as a fragment of the infinity of the universe.”

A partial list of the participating artists has been released:

Georges Adéagbo
Moinak Biswas
Patty Chang
Zheng Chongbin
Wang Haichuan
Lee Mingwei
Tomás Saraceno
Yang Zhenzhong

The artists selected for special projects are:

Marjolijn Djkman
Ivana Franke
Regina José Galindo

A total of eighty to eighty-five artists are expected to take part in this year’s exhibition, which is scheduled to open on November 11, 2016 and run through March 12, 2017. As reported earlier, two new art events in China will be up concurrently with the biennale: “For an Image, Faster Than Light,” at MoCA Yinchuan, and the Shanghai Project, titled “2116,” which will open at the Shanghai Himalayas Center.