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Simon Fujiwara: Censored at the Singapore Biennale 2011?

Simon Fujiwara’s latest installation Welcome to the Hotel Munber at the Singapore Biennale may have been altered without his consent or knowledge. The piece comprises furnishings in a room of the Singapore Art Museum that make it resemble a stereotypical Spanish hotel bar. Amidst the barstools and wine and bullfighting equipment, Fujiwara hid gay pornography––nude images in magazines and chapters of erotic fiction about masturbating into Spanish omelettes.

Fujiwara talked about the work for a lecture-performance during the opening weekend. He’d tried to write an erotic novel about his parents’ days running a hotel in Spain under the military dictatorship of Franco, and how he’d tried to cast his own father as the gay protagonist.

Fujiwara e-mailed writer Ng Yi-Sheng with the news that his work had been censored. All the erotica’s been removed, rendering it, in his words, “meaningless, almost a tribute to Franco in the end.”

According to Fridae, the museum staff didn’t consult him or seek his permission to alter the piece.

Fujiwara is currently trying to arrange for the erotica to be replaced or his entire installation closed. There are plans for it to be shown later this year at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo.