Photo: Cathal McNaughton

Sky Arts Launches $1 Million Post-Brexit Art Fund

In partnership with the Barbican, Sage Gateshead, and the Baltic Contemporary Arts Center, Sky Arts has announced the launch of Art 50, a $1 million art fund for the commissioning of fifty works that explore what it means to be British post-Brexit.

Named after Article 50 of the Treaty of Libson, which outlines the procedures European Union members must follow when negotiating a deal to exit the bloc, the fund is now accepting applications from across all disciplines, including visual arts, theater, music, dance, and spoken word.

The initiative is supported by Sky Arts Amplify fund, which was set up to encourage arts organizations and production companies to collaborate on new ideas. Art 50 will primarily award funds between $6,000 and $25,000 but will consider works that cost up to $60,000. It will culminate in a number of television programs documenting the two-year project and a festival in 2019 that will be hosted by the Barbican, Sage Gateshead, and the Baltic Center.

“Brexit inspires passions on both sides of the debate, not least around the idea of cultural identity,” Phil Edgar-Jones, director of Sky Arts, said. “We wanted to take that question of what it means to be British as a starting point for a diverse range of voices to respond to over the next two years as we prepare to leave the EU. We are thrilled to be partnering with the Barbican, Sage Gateshead, and Baltic for what promises to be quite the ride.”