Snite Museum of Art Receives Donation of Nineteen Works

The Donald and Marilyn Keough family has donated to the Snite Museum of Art nineteen modern and contemporary paintings by Irish artists. Included in the gift are works by Jack B. Yeats, Roderic O’Conor, and Paul Henry. Yeats, who often painted landscapes and scenes of Irishmen going about their daily routines, is perhaps the best-known artist from the collection. Other artists represented are Nathaniel Hone, Mary Swanzy, Grace Henry, and James O’Halloran.

“This gift of paintings does not only represent an aesthetic contribution to Notre Dame,” said Patrick Griffin, director of the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies. “It also helps build a bridge between Ireland and the University. For these reasons, we are thrilled to have these paintings here. It is especially gratifying for me that the gift comes from one of our most generous benefactors, the Keough family.”

The late Donald and Marilyn Keough were longtime supporters of the University of Notre Dame. In addition to founding the Keough-Naughton Program for Irish Studies in 1993, the couple made several other significant contributions to Notre Dame for a variety of educational and residential initiatives. They endowed two chairs in Irish studies; funded the development of a summer internship program that allows students to travel to Ireland; supported the restoration of O’Connell House in Dublin; and helped establish the Donald R. Keough School of Global Affairs, the first new college or school to open at the university in nearly a century.