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Top: Carla Aalse, Maarten Doorman, Homme ten Have. Below: Truze Lodder, Henriëtte Prast, and Jos van Rooijen.

Stedelijk Museum Welcomes New Board Members

The Municipality of Amsterdam has appointed four new members to the supervisory board of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam: Carla Aalse, Henriëtte Prast, Maarten Doorman, and Homme ten Have. Truze Lodder, who was named temporary chair of the board in August and was tasked with guiding the institution as it faced backlash over the controversy that led to former director Beatrix Ruf’s departure, will remain at museum.

Ruf resigned in October 2017 amid criticism over her decision to continue running an advisory business while helming the institution and for her lack of transparency regarding works that had been gifted to the museum. Allegations that she had mismanaged the museum, which first surfaced in the Dutch media, prompted the Municipality of Amsterdam to order an investigation into Ruf’s tenure. Following the release of a report, issued by a team of independent legal researchers, that cleared Ruf of any wrongdoing, several members of the supervisory board stepped down.

“In the best interests of the museum, it is time to bring the recent turmoil to an end and start afresh,” interim board chair Madeleine de Cock Buning and Jos van Rooijen wrote in a letter. “After due consideration of the report and its findings, and with a view to the museum’s interests, we intend to step down as members of the supervisory board.” When Lodder took up the role as chair, board members Ronald Hans, Willem de Rooij, and Joyce Sylvester decided to vacate their posts as well, in order to “give the new chairman all the room she needs.”

Commenting on the new additions to the board, Touria Meliani, the deputy mayor of arts and culture, said: “I am very grateful to Truze Lodder for the steps she took to restore a sense of calm to the Stedelijk Museum, and for fulfilling her mission of putting together a new supervisory board before the end of the year. I have confidence in this supervisory board which will now focus on its first key task: to find a new artistic director. The remaining members of the supervisory board will be selected on the basis of their additional expertise.”