Storm King Commissions Site-Specific Sculpture by Sarah Sze

Storm King Art Center in New Windsor, New York, has commissioned a new site-specific sculpture by Sarah Sze for its permanent collection. The work, titled Fallen Sky, will consist of an entropic thirty-six-foot-diameter spherical cavity, pressed into the ground and sheathed in mirrored stainless steel, and will occupy a location just below Storm King’s museum building.

“Pressing into the earth, the concave sculpture reflects the concave sky, creating a sense of the landscape in reverse,” Sze explained. “As visitors peer into the reflection, they are immersed in the sky from above and below, teetering between a sense that the sculpture has dropped from above and the sense that it is emerging from the earth. Framed by the landscape, the work erases the land and gives form to the air, allowing an intimate view of what is normally vast and immeasurable.”

The institution announced the commission at its annual gala earlier this week. At the event, Sze and James Ottaway Jr. were honored with the Storm King Award, which recognizes meaningful contributions in the fields of visual art, landscape, and nature conservation.

Commenting on Sze’s proposed sculpture, Nora Lawrence, Storm King’s senior curator, said: “The work engages with themes that are important within the Storm King collection—sharing with many other works a grand scale and a union with nature, while also moving in a new and specific direction: toward ethereality and a deep responsiveness to subtle environmental change.” Fallen Sky will be installed at the outdoor museum in 2020.