Will Jarvis and Harry Beer.

Sunday Painter Gallery Relocates to London’s Vauxhall District

Alex Greenberger of Artnews writes that the Sunday Painter gallery in London will move from the Peckham neighborhood to the Vauxhall district where Tate Britain as well as the galleries Cabinet, Greengrassi, and Corvi Mora are located. An exhibition by American painter Cynthia Daignault will inaugurate its new space.

Cofounded by artists Will Jarvis and Harry Beer in 2009, the gallery first started out as a project space, which evolved into a commercial gallery in 2013. The name of the gallery was inspired by an insult that was thrown at the gallerists when they were studying art at the Camberwell College of Arts. Someone called them “Sunday painters” for pushing back against the school’s attempt to make studio practice fit a more academic format.