The gold coin stolen from Berlin’s Bode Museum. Photo: Marcel Mettelsiefen / dpa for the Associated Press.

Suspects in $4.5 Million Gold Coin Heist Case Arrested

Kirsten Grieshaber of the Associated Press writes that two suspects have been arrested in connection to the theft of the 221-pound “Big Maple Leaf” Canadian gold coin—worth $4.5 million—that was stolen from Berlin’s Bode Museum in March. Three hundred police raided several buildings in Berlin’s Neukölln neighborhood today in order to locate the coin and those connected to the burglary.

“We assume that the two suspects match the ones seen on the video footage from surveillance cameras,” said Winfrid Wenzel, a police spokesman. The gold has yet to be found, but Wenzel says the search is ongoing. Some experts believe that the coin could have been melted down for cash.

Only five coins of this type, as issued by the Royal Canadian Mint, exist. The piece was on loan to the museum from a private party.