Sydney Ball

Sydney Ball (1933–2017)

Abstract painter Sydney Ball has died, writes Michaela Boland for The Australian. The director of the Samstag Museum in Adelaide, Erica Green, called the artist “one of the true trailblazers of abstract painting in Australia.”

Early on, Ball worked as an architectural draftsman before turning to art during the late 1950s. He spent some time in New York and was mentored by Theodoros Stamos after studying at the School of Art in South Australia, where he also briefly taught.

A survey of the artist’s work, “Sydney Ball: The Colour Paintings, 1963–2007,” was on display at the Penrith Regional Gallery and the Lewers Bequest, among other institutions, in 2008. The gallery Sullivan + Strumpf started representing Ball in 2004. Joanna Strumpf, one of the gallery’s proprietors, mentioned that Ball was very generous with other artists at her gallery. Of the gallery’s relationship with the artist, Strumpf said, “It was a beautiful, mutual symbiosis but he was very headstrong, [as Ball] knew what he wanted and was very passionate about art.”