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Tania Bruguera’s Passport Returned by Cuban Government

The Cuban artist Tania Bruguera, who has of late been detained or arrested multiple times by the Cuban government while continuing her performances, has had her passport finally returned to her after it was confiscated six months ago, reports Laurie Rojas in The Art Newspaper. The artist has not been allowed to travel since an attempted performance on Havana’s Revolution Square last December.

Bruguera said she would not be leaving Cuba right away in a statement released by #YoTambienExijo: “My argument has never been about leaving Cuba; my argument is about working so there is freedom of expression and public protest in Cuba. People should feel free to say what they think without fear of losing their jobs or university standing, of being marginalised or imprisoned.”

She also claims she will not leave Cuba until she has an official document “that legally guarantees [she] can come back without any problems.” The Cuban authorities have apparently said she would receive her document within the upcoming two weeks while even her ability to travel depends on whether Cuba drops the criminal charges it brought against her.