Maria Fernanda Cardoso, On the Origins or Art–Actual Size II Maratus Volans Abdomen, 2016. Click above for more images.

Tate and Museum of Contemporary Art Australia Announce Joint Acquisitions

Eight works of Australian contemporary art have been purchased by Tate and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) through a joint-acquisitions partnership program that is now in its third year. Supported by the Qantas Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Australia’s long-distance airline, the initiative has allowed the two institutions to add twenty works by twelve artists to their collections.

Among the new pieces are Ian Burn’s Blue Reflex, 1966; three early works by María Fernanda Cardoso; Juan Davila’s Love, 1988, a commentary on the global AIDS crisis, and Yawar Fiesta, 1998, which explores the impact of colonial policies on indigenous peoples by satirically intertwining contemporary politics and art historical references; Rosalie Gascoigne’s Habitation, 1984; and Imants Tillers’s Kangaroo Blank, 1988.

“The acquired works are part of an international artistic dialogue, as are the artists—some having been born, lived for significant periods of time, or worked and exhibited extensively outside of Australia,” the director of MCA, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor, said in a statement. “They connect with related experiences represented by other artists internationally, highlighting both the particularities of Australian society and culture, as well as its interconnectedness with global forces.”