Alex Katz, Box Flower I, 1967.

Thief Steals Painting from Munich Gallery

Munich police are currently investigating the theft of a small Alex Katz painting, Box Flower 1, 1967, from Galerie Klüser, Abendzeitung reports. The nine by twelve inch picture was displayed in one of the gallery’s rear exhibition rooms when someone unscrewed the work from the wall and unbeknownst to the gallery’s staff walked out with it during opening hours sometime between Wednesday, February 22, and Thursday, February 23.

An intern noticed that the picture—valued at tens of thousands of dollars—was missing, but, initially, did not think that it had been stolen, since a similar Katz painting had recently been sold. She assumed the picture was part of that sale.

The police are asking the public for information about the robbery and are waiting to see if the thief will attempt to sell the artwork. The gallery has since improved its security.