Tracey Emin.

Tracey Emin States She was Sexually Assaulted by a Well-Known Female Artist

The artist Tracey Emin announced during an interview for MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation—an organization that seeks to prevent the spread of HIV—that she was sexually assaulted by a well-known female artist, report Gareth Harris and Aimee Dawson of the Art Newspaper. Though Emin did not name the assailant, she said the woman “grabbed hold of my crotch [and] slammed me against a wall,” after which Emin “threatened to punch her lights out.”

“Women should not be ashamed to say something at the time to the person [involved]. I pushed them away and picked up my fist, I was going to punch them,” said Emin during another interview today on BBC Radio 4. “It caused such a scene, and I told everyone what the person had done, much to their humiliation. Sexual harassment is sexual harassment regardless of what sex it is.”