Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin to Fund Syrian Refugee Student

Artist Tracey Emin has provided more than $85,000 to fund a Syrian student’s studies at Bard College Berlin, writes Anny Shaw of the Art Newspaper. Emin, along with three other anonymous benefactors and Nina Baroness von Maltzahn, founder and president of the Sapling Foundation—a nonprofit organization that helps at-risk children in Uruguay—is providing similar amounts to help pay for scholarships at Bard’s Berlin outpost. Three of the five scholarships are specifically meant to help students escaping from Syria. Each donation is being matched by Bard to cover all four years of school. The total amount of each scholarship is about $128,000. The funding takes care of tuition, housing, transportation, books, and study materials. The scholarships are part of the Program for International Education and Social Change, created for students from regions experiencing severe crises.

“Bard has a long and proud history as a haven for refugees, first in the 1930s and again after the failed Hungarian Revolution of 1956,” said Leon Botstein, Bard’s president, in a statement. “The recent directives from President Trump demand careful scrutiny with respect to their implications. However, I believe that Bard must sustain its commitment to the principle of non-discrimination by reason of race, religion, or national identity.”

Applicants must demonstrate financial need, academic strength, and proficiency in English. Students missing documentation will be helped by the school’s admissions department.