A rendering of the new Museum of the 15 July: Martyrs and Democracy, scheduled to open at the end of next year.

Turkish President Plans New Museum Dedicated to “Martyrs and Warriors” of Military Coup

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has been granted an extraordinary set of powers after a narrowly-won constitutional referendum in Turkey last week, wants to build a propagandistic museum commemorating last summer’s failed coup when a faction of the Turkish military tried to overthrow Erdoğan, reports Gareth Harris of the Art Newspaper. The new institution will be called the Museum of the 15 July: Martyrs and Democracy. Work on the building is scheduled to start this June.

The museum will host temporary and permanent exhibitions dedicated to the “martyrs and warriors” of the coup. It will be 3,400 square feet with a library, café, and gift shop. It will cost $2.7 million to build, and should open at the end of next year.

The coup ostensibly failed because thousands of Turks came out in support of Erdoğan. Nearly 240 people died during the upheaval, and thirty-five thousand people were detained after the coup, many of whom were artists or various other kinds of cultural producers.