Ellsworth Kelly, Austin, 2015. Photo: Ellsworth Kelly Foundation. Courtesy of the Blanton Museum of Art, the University of Texas at Austin.

University of Texas at Austin Receives $10 Million for Blanton Museum and Public Art

The University of Texas at Austin has received $10 million from the private, Austin-based foundation Still Water in support of two major arts initiatives. The funds will be divided between the Blanton Museum of Art’s master plan to transform its grounds and Landmarks, the university’s public art program, which is run by the College of Fine Arts. The $5 million for Landmarks, which has placed more than forty works of art across the campus, will go toward the establishment of an operating endowment.

“A long-standing supporter of the museum for three decades, the Still Water Foundation has had an impact that can be felt across the Blanton,” said museum director Simone Wicha. “The foundation has helped the Blanton curate an encyclopedic collection of works on paper in one of the most active print study rooms in the country. This recent gift towards the Blanton’s master plan project, one of the museum’s most significant projects, underlines Still Water’s dedication to championing the arts, education, and the environment on campus, in Austin, and beyond.”